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How to Prepare Your Toddler for a New Baby by Oklahoma Lifestyle + Motherhood blogger, Noelle Hotaling // A Graceful Little Life

We are just under 9 weeks away from meeting sweet baby H #2! Part of me feels like I’ve been pregnant forever, since I found out super early on that I was pregnant. On the other hand, I can’t believe we are this close to meeting baby!

At nearly 2.5, Macie really doesn’t understand the concept of becoming a big sister (which definitely has its advantages!). She’s been kind of indifferent about welcoming a baby in all honesty. She doesn’t seem to notice or even really care that my belly is getting bigger every day and she brushes off the idea of the baby whenever we ask her about it. She has such a “go with the flow” personality that I’m hoping will be really helpful when we do bring home her little brother or sister!

Even though she’s sort of aloof to the whole idea, we are still trying to do what we can to prepare her for big sister-hood. I thought I’d share what we’ve been doing over the last 7-ish months to help get her ready!

5 Ways to Prepare Your Toddler to Be a Big Sibling

  • Talk, talk, talk! – Toddlers take in so much more information than you may know. They are like little sponges, soaking in all kinds of stuff. Chatting about the impending baby, big sister/brother duties, things you’ll do when the baby is here, etc. are all great ways to help your little one start thinking about the future. Tell them about your growing belly as well. Explain that the baby is inside mommy’s belly and that soon, the baby will be here in the house. Macie doesn’t really seem to get the idea of this (or maybe she just doesn’t care) but I like to tell her about it anyway.
  • Read books & watch TV shows – Just like talking, kids take in lots of information via books and TV with colorful pictures and fun, rhyming words. Macie loves for us to read books to her at night, before bed. Reading books about what it will be like to be a big sibling is an easy way to introduce big sibling-hood! There are so many great books about becoming a big sibling but a few of my favorites are God Gave Us Two, You’re the Biggest, and I’m a Big Sister Now. There are also lots of great shows that approach this topic with ease and I definitely recommend checking some out!
  • Let your toddler help with preparations – Let your toddler help pick out some baby clothes or other baby items, allow them to help you set up the nursery, let them give input where it’s appropriate for a toddler to do so. This will help them feel included and like they have a special job, even before the baby comes!
  • Play pretend with babies – Macie loves baby dolls and getting them thinking about a real baby, via a baby doll is a great way to show them what it will be like. Pretend to change the baby’s diaper and ask for your toddler’s help. “Feed” the baby with a bottle and ask your toddler to help you hold it, ask them to give the baby a pacifier or pick out an outfit for the baby to wear…all of the things that they might do when the real baby is here.
  • Spend time in the baby’s nursery – We happen to have our changing area in the nursery so we are actually in here quite a bit anyway when we change Macie’s pull-up but I definitely recommend making baby’s room a place that is also fun for your toddler. Even if you do something as simple as putting a small basket of your toddler’s toys in the corner. This will help make the room more inviting and fun, so when baby does come, they’ll know this isn’t a stuffy place where they don’t belong.

What are y’alls best tips for preparing a toddler to becoming a big sibling? Hit me with ALL your tips in the comments!

How to Prepare Your Toddler for a New Baby by Oklahoma Lifestyle + Motherhood blogger, Noelle Hotaling // A Graceful Little Life
How to Prepare Your Toddler for a New Baby by Oklahoma Lifestyle + Motherhood blogger, Noelle Hotaling // A Graceful Little Life