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Time is absolutely flying, y’all. I cannot believe Liam is already 2 months old (he’s actually almost 10 weeks now!) Everyone says time flies when you’ve got more than one, but I never knew how true it actually was until now. I feel like I blinked and he’s already this old. With Macie, I never felt like time moved this quickly, and I’m really wishing it would slow down, just a hair.

We’ve had an eventful month with our sweet boy, and I’m excited to share with y’all!

The Basics

  • At his check-up, he weighed in at 12lbs 3oz, 23.5 inches long
  • He sleeps about 8-11 hours a night consistently (woohoo!)
  • We do cloth during the day and while we’re home, but he is wearing a size 2 diaper when we’re in disposables
  • Clothing-wise, he bounces between 3 month and 3-6 month stuff. If he’s in a disposable diaper he wear 3 month and if he’s in cloth, he needs 3-6 month.
  • He is still exclusively breastfed and we’re still working really hard on that. He had a tongue and lip tie revised back at the end of April. Everyone made it seem like that was going to be the end-all be-all fix for latch issues but that just hasn’t been our experience. Long story short, we’ve got a few resources lined up to help get our boy the help he needs to get a better latch!

Big Events

  • Just before Mother’s Day we went to Liam’s first brunch! That’s quite the milestone around here haha!
  • He started smiling and cooing some (and it’s the cutest thing ever)
  • I’m finally able to put him down on his activity mat to “play” a bit, and he seems to be enjoying it. He doesn’t scream, anyway so that’s a win, right?
  • His hair is starting to really lighten up and the dark is subsiding. We’ve got another blondie on our hands! (I mean…was there really any doubt that he would be?)

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