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Oh, my smiley boy 👦🏼. Our little blondie has grown so much in the last month! Liam is growing into such a “baby” now and out of that newborn, squishy phase. He is so aware of what’s going on around him and is discovering more and more every day.

The Basics

  • Liam is weighing in at about 15lbs
  • Our sleepy boy is such an amazing sleeper. We put him to bed around 630-7PM and he sleeps right through the night until about 730AM. He takes several naps a day and is just basically always down for a good sleep haha!

Big Events

  • We made our first trip to Disney World this past month!
  • Mr. Man discovered his feet and loves them now
  • He is officially a roller. He can roll both directions and mama isn’t quite ready for him to be more mobile 😬
  • He’s found his voice and isn’t afraid to use it 😅