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Half a year with you 🥰 How the heck did we get here? I blinked and half a year went by. With Macie I remember wishing so badly that I could slow down time. And sometimes I still do. But now that I know how fun life is as they grow, I’m not as sad to watch them get bigger. Once babies hit this age, they start to get really fun. Their little personalities start to really shine through. They start learning things really quickly and it’s just such a fun age!

Here is a catch-up on all things Liam from this month:

The Basics

  • He is lbs __oz & __ inches long
  • Our sleepy boy still sleeps 12-13 hours a night and takes about 3 solid naps a day 😴
  • He is still a little Rollie Pollie and he’s starting pulling himself up to his knees like he wants to crawl (umm can you not?!)

Big Events

  • We officially have teeth 🦷! His two little bottom front teeth came in last week and they’re the literal cutest thing
  • He is doing really well sitting up with support. Our strong boy will be sitting up all on his own before we know it!