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Happy first day of fall, y’all! It’s a cool, rainy day here in Oklahoma, nearly the perfect first day of fall.  As I type this, I’m sitting under a heated blanket, smelling my fall-scented candles burning.  I gotta tell you…it’s pretty dang nice.

Today, I thought it would be nice to share some of the best fall decor that I’ve found over the last few weeks.  If you saw my Instagram, you know I decorated the house for fall just a little while ago! I pulled down all of our fall decor.  This is really our first fall in this new house.  We were gone much of the season last year, traveling and so we didn’t really decorate.  That means we’ve got some holes to fill.

I’ve got lots of these items in my online shopping carts and I cannot wait to hit “order” and get them here! Have y’all decorated for fall yet?

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