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Happy November! I have no idea how it’s already November and we’re talking about Christmas but nevertheless, here we are. October flew by and I’m seriously struggling to get my mindset to move to fall/winter. I’m low-key still living in like early September haha!

At any rate, I’m trying my very best to get into a holiday-ish mood. Ryan took the Christmas tree down from the attic and Macie and I are going to decorate that this week. We put our Christmas bedding on the bed while we were changing sheets. And, we’ll slowly put up our Christmas decor throughout the next few weeks.

In addition to everything I’m doing in real-time, I also decided to go ahead and start releasing my HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDES! Every year, I say I’m not doing any. And every year, I end up putting together at least a few.

This year is such a fun year with Macie because she really “gets it” this year. She understands the concept of Santa coming and bringing presents, celebrating the holiday, listening to the story of Jesus’ birth, etc. So, it seemed appropriate for my first gift guide to be a guide to buying for the preschooler in your life!

What are y’all buying for that preschooler on your list? Let me know in the comments down below if I missed any big ideas!